Mending books review

It’s not easy to write about books that others have written, but I’ll try to give a short very personal review on six mending books from my own library, since you asked my opinion about which book you should go for as a beginner.

The Art of Repair by Molly Martin

I hit “preorder” button the moment I knew Molly Martin was going to publish a book. As it finally arrived last week, it was everything I have hoped for: authentic, full of beautiful photos and original illustrations by the author and extremely inspirational. It feels like the author was completely free to make any book she wanted and wasn’t constrained by the demands of a publisher. The result is terrific! Note that there are no step-by-step instructions on how to darn, but tons of inspiration! It gives you a better understanding of the whole darning philosophy. It’s a book of great artistic value, which I wish I had written myself.

Mend by Kate Sekules

After learning the technical side of mending, I was eager to deep into the history of it. Honestly I didn’t realize how insanely precious textiles once used to be before reading this book. I now do see fabric with different eyes. Incredible research work and unconventional narrative, you’re going to love both. Of course! This book also teaches you how to mend and even how to find time for it! 🙂
Kate´s vivid stitches make you want to deal with that growing mending pile ASAP

Darning by Hikaru Noguchi

Many step-by-step pictures, not much text needed to understand the mending steps, hence a perfect beginners book. It leaves no doubts that everything can be repaired: socks, pillowcases, blankets, bags, carpets, you name it!

Visible Mending by Arounna Khounnoraj

It covers not only mending, but also a number of upcycling techniques. You’ll find information about natural dying, printing, patching, sewing and even templates for your own embroidery projects and sashiko mends. Beautiful pictures taken by the author.

Verflickt & Zugenäht by Kerstin Neumüller

One of the few books about mending on the German book market. Particularly interesting for those who would like to explore denim repair, but it also gives you an idea on how to fix knit. My impression is that the book would rather keep the secrets of the mends to itself. I´ve totally missed case study pictures and more clear visual instructions on how to do this or that mend.

Modern Mending by Erin Lewis-Fitzerald

Well, it is just a great book both for beginners and experts. Apart from being very personal and very, very well-made, it covers five main mending techniques including troubleshooting. Nice extra for a kick of inspiration – guest appearances from other menders.
It’s a hardcover, which I think is a huge bonus for a mending book. Just put this book on your desk, because you’ll definitely need your hands – it is so inspirational you would have to start mending right away. Hot news: also available in German by Stiebner Verlag! (unbezahlte Werbung)

Let me know what’s your opinion on the mentioned books and feel free to give me tips regarding new book releases!

Happy mending and see you soon! 😘

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