Upcycling workshop

3 upcyclers + 3 hours = 3 pieces of clothing saved from being discarded! Each of us brought a damaged piece and although we didn’t arrange that on purpose, all three pieces in need for mending were completely different. We had an extremely lightweight delicate fabric, denim and merino wool to repair and as you guess each material needed an individual approach.

For her light dress Gloria used some thin yarn to fix the hole first and a rainbow colored metallic thread for the embroidery design. It´s gonna be a cute shiny fly!

I decided to put the colored dots all over the moth-eaten sweater and used mending wool from my collection of special yarns I got at a flea market last summer. This sweater is such an eye candy already!

Sophie´s jeans went through a two-step repair process. First some strong woven fabric was glued at the backside of the damaged part, then Sophie added sashiko style stitches to reinforce the denim and voilà the jeans is good to go again!

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