Confetti Sweater🎉

Honestly I am not an expert on wool repair as I never learned to knit and at least right now I really prefer to focus on embroidery, the tinier the better! However, I love wearing wool and it happens now and then that my sweaters need a repair. For instance, this second-hand specimen is so ruthlessly moth-eaten that it´s gonna get an all-over confetti look, after I´m done 🥳

I think fine wool is very repair-friendly. Due to its softness wool kind of “swallows up” all the little mistakes and makes it really easy even for amateurs like me. All I had to do is just sew mending floss (you need to use it because of its fluffiness) around each hole

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There are lots and lots of ways to fix holes of your knitted clothes in a more professional way, check Scotch or Swiss darning for a start if you are interested and have fun saving your stuff! 😘