MURX Repair Festival in Bochum

Some impressions from my “Stricks und Tricks” Workshop at the MURX Repair Festival at the beautiful location of the atelierautomatique in Bochum on 14.08.21.

I was super excited to host my first offline workshop since what felt like forever, and more than happy to be part of such a great repair festival line up! According to the announced theme of the workshop, we were supposed to be dealing with damaged knitwear. But we were mostly immersed in mending regular T-shirts and pieces like that. Can you guess why? Maybe you noticed these tiny, nasty holes before: they tend to appear literally out of nowhere all over the fine jersey fabric of your favorite Tees and long sleeves!👕

I don’t have a perfect recipe against this plaque yet 🤷‍♀️ but I am busy looking for it!

UPD: it might not be THE perfect recipe, but I found a nice solution!

All images by Jörg Gröger