Confetti Sweater🎉

Honestly I am not an expert on wool repair as I never learned to knit and at least right now I really prefer to focus on embroidery, the tinier the better! However, I love wearing wool and it happens now and then that my sweaters need a repair. For instance, this second-hand specimen is so ruthlessly moth-eaten that it´s gonna get an all-over confetti look, after I´m done 🥳

I think fine wool is very repair-friendly. Due to its softness wool kind of “swallows up” all the little mistakes and makes it really easy even for amateurs like me. All I had to do is just sew mending floss (you need to use it because of its fluffiness) around each hole, covering it from all sides.

There are lots and lots of ways to fix holes of your knitted clothes in a more professional way, check Scotch or Swiss darning for a start if you are interested and have fun saving your stuff! 😘

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